Vehicle Servicing with KIWAMARU.

Did you know you don't have to go to the vehicle dealer to maintain your factory warranty?
Typically we are cheaper than a dealership, we offer loan cars, have fully trained technicians who are passionate about working on your car.
We only recommend the best quality parts.
Most times we can book in your car within a few days notice. 
To maintain your cars value, reliability and safety, it typically should be serviced every 6 mths or 6,000 km. 
We are a "Motul Signature Service agent" meaning we offer the full range of Motul synthetic and semi synthetic oils and products.

TIPS for improving your car and saving money

  • Did you know that if you choose the right brand and grade of oil, you could potentially travel 30 - 50 km MORE per tank of fuel! 
  • Ask us how when you next call or book in for servicing or enhancements. 
  • As us about our fuel economy Guarantee.
  • To reduce fuel costs, remove unwanted items from your car, like bags, tools and items. 
  • This will reduce the weight of your car and add up over time in fuel savings
  • Choose the right fuel for your car, don't just assume, 94 or 91 is the right fuel, check with KIWAMARU on HOW you can  actually measure your fyuel economy based on cents per litre travelled.
  • Check your tyre pressures often, low tyre pressures increase rolling resistance and costs more in fuel. Increase your tyre pressure by a small amount and you can SAVE fuel and money!
  • Remove roof racks off your car, they add to wind resistance and can cost more in fuel to use.
  • Check your brakes, dragging or poorly adjusted brakes can wear out faster and also cost you in fuel
  • Ask for a fuel System Service at KIWAMARU, this cleans the injectors, rails, tank, hoses, inlet and outlet of the engine to improve economy, driveability and performance of your car.