KIWAMARU Suspension and Sway Bars - Speed and Handling


Many workshops concentrate mainly on straight line speed, at KIWAMARU we believe that a balance of speed,

brakes and handling are essential for fun in your car, hence we offer comprehensive suspension upgrades and tuning for all models of car.


Different ways to improve handling your car

Here at KIWAMARU we are aware of the many ways you can improve the handling of your car , BUT its very confusing!
So what we have done is break it down into easy to follow kits to save you the hassle AND SAVE you Money.

Remember you DONT have to degrade the ride quality of your car to have a BETTER handling car. 
Meaning you can have a better handling car and still have good a ride.
With each kit we have carefully chosen the best parts for maximum value, based on our exstensive knowledge of your model car.
If you need something unique, please ask we can customise a parts list to meet your needs. 


WHY these parts and how do they change my car?:

  • Sway bars reduce body roll but do not effect ride quality.
  • Springs control the ride height of a car and do effect ride quality.
  • Shocks control spring bump and rebound and do effect ride quality.
  • Bush';s and alignment parts sharpen the chasiss response and have varied effects on noise (NVH) and ride quality. See notes.
  • Braces, stiffen the chassis for improved handling and dont effect ride quality.


  1. These kits are designed with one aim as a focus, much better handling for the least money spent, so you will find some parts are a little unusual in their order of delivery. 
    Such as strut braces, lowered springs and such, as these offer less value than sway bars.
  2. At any time you can mix and match parts so please ask.
  3. We also suggest to do them in order as we have listed them, for maximum value.
  4. At KIWAMARU we beleive a good handling car is only as good as the tyres and wheel alignment on your car. 
    As such we suggest a wheel alignment on every kit.
  5. Want parts only?
    yes we can supply and ship direct and then help you arrange locak fitting, just ask, we are here to help :) 


please choose the lowered sports kit 

  1. Usuallyyour car has front McPhersion Strut and multilink rear suspension, so you need at  sports lowered springs. 
    (or a replacement "coil-over" kit). 
  2. Please note, to make your car HANDLE, sway bars are better value FIRST, but if you want it to look good then the"lowered sports kit" is needed.
  3. This  is a good handling car that can be improved even further, read on!


The best way to make your car LOOK better.
Includes all the following:

  • Sports wheel alignment.
  • Front lowered KIWAMARU spec. sports spings.
  • Rear Lowered KIWAMARU spec. sports springs.
  • OR a replacement adjustable "coil-over" kit.
  • Labour to fit all above parts.


  1. A complete replacement "coilover" shock kit can be supplied as a ready to fit option here.
    This kit costs more than above, but does offer the following benefits:
  2. Fully adjustable ride height
  3. Fully adjustable shock / damper rate. (optional)
  4. Fully adjustable top chassis mounts for more castor and camber.
  5. And finally you then have the option to sell your old complete strut spring set second hand to reduce your cost. 



The best value way to improve the handling of your car.
Includes all the following:

  • Sports wheel alignment
  • Rear sway bar, adjustable.
  • Front sway bar.
  • Labour to fit all above parts.
  • Preliminary road test 
  • Post fitting road test and final ride height measurement with full data report.
  • Sports wheel alignment
  • Front strut brace
  • Rear HD sway bar links
  • Labour to fit all above parts.
  • Preliminary road test and ride height measurement
  • Free 3 month follow up check over and road test.
  • Post fitting road test and final ride height measurement and full data report.