At KIWAMARU we only use the best products for our aftermarket brake systems, as we believe that awesome stopping power and absolute safety are of the utmost priority.

As such, we recommend and fit genuine replacement parts, KIWAMARU sports road and race pads, as well as high quality aftermarket suppliers.

Different ways to improve the braking system

Here at KIWAMARU we are aware of the many ways you can improve the brakes of your car, BUT its very confusing!

So what we have done is break it down into easy to follow kits to save you the hassle and save you Money.

With each kit we have carefully chosen the best parts for maximum value, based on our exstensive knowledge of your model car.

If you need something unique, please ask we can customise a parts list to meet your needs.

WHY these parts and how do they change my car?:


  • Brake pads are sacrifical and wear out faster than Brake discs.
  • Factory fitted brake parts are manufactured first and formost to NOT. As such compromises are designed into your cars brakes.
    Ironically car manufacturers will compromise braking efficincy to reduce warranty risks of brake noise!
  • Correct use of brakes and chosen for the right use you can have better brakes for LESS cost with no compromise!
  • Brake pads are designed for a specific coefficient of friction at a specific brake temperature.
    If they are used at the wrong temperatures they can:
    Cause excessive wear on pads as well as on discs
    Cause brake squeal.
    Have poor stoipping performance at cold or high temps
  • Brake pads must be chosen for a specific type of use. (track, road, occasional track, heavy use, etc


  • Brake Discs eventually wear out over time and on early models can be typically machined once or twice and then have to be discarded.
    Later models after around 2007 the discs are thinner and may not be able to be machined at all.
  • Discs have a minimum thickness that they can NOT be machined past. (for safety reasons)
  • Discs are designed to also radiate heat that is generated a result of the friction of the brake pads.
  • Discs can crack if over heated.
  • Overheated brakes can also cause:
    premature wheel bearing failure
    damage to brake calipers
    damage to suspension joints and
    obviously crashs!


  • Brake support brackets will improve pedal feel, but not brake efficiency
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines will improve reliability and pedal feel, but not brake efficiency
  • High Temp brake fluid will reduce risk of fade, but not reduce stopping distance and efficiency
  • Brake ducts, will reduce risk of fade, but not reduce stopping distance and efficiency


1. These kits are designed with one aim as a focus, much better stopping for the least money spent, so you will find some parts are a little unusual in their order of delivery.
2. At any time you can mix and match parts so please ask.
3. We also suggest to do them in order as we have listed them, for maximum value.
4. At KIWAMARU we beleive a good stopping car is only as good as the tyres and the wheel alignment on your car.
5. Want parts only?
yes we can supply and ship direct and then help you arrange local fitting, just ask, we are here to help !


The best value way to improve the braking of your car.
Includes all the following:

  • KIWAMARU sports front brake pads. (better stopping than stock std. parts)
  • KIWAMARU Brake support bracket. (improved brake pedal "feel")
  • Complete front brake caliper check over.
  • Complete wheel bearing check over.
  • Custom fitting of pads to ensure best performance and no "squeal"
  • Labour to fit all above parts.
  • Preliminary road test
  • Post fitting road test and final full data report.
  • Free 3 month post fitting inspection, to ensure 100% performance
  • Multiple Warranty benefits as listed above.


  • Upon request