ECU Management

ECU Management Tuning Software Solution

ECU Management is the software used by the worlds top tuners to adjust the factory ECU in your car.
This is done purely via the factory cables in your car and requires no soldering, no chips and absolutely no wiring modifications.

Brands Supported

  • Subaru, all turbo models
  • Mitsubishi, all turbo models, from EVO 6 to current inc Direct injection.

ECU Management features:

  • Fully customisable to suit your car.
  • Live data logging of the data stream within your cars ECU.
  • Ability to tune your cars ECU to suit your modifications.
  • Can be reversed back to the standard factory tune.
  • Still allows your preferred servicing technicians to scan and test the factory ECU protocols
  • Does not stop your car manufacturer / Dealer from scanning and checking the ECU

ECU Management Benefits

  • More Power and Torque.
  • In many cases the same or better fuel economy.
  • Your car with factory standard ECU settings is detuned, your ECU Management tuner can improve your car with no mechanical modifications
  • Used by Subaru, Mitsubishi etc dealers, and country distributors around the world. 
  • By using the factory ECU, you only re tune the part of the ECU that is needed. 
    (with after market and replacement ECU's you pay for a whole new retune)