About us

…here is some back ground…

«Kiwamaru Sport» team was founded in Chelyabinsk (Russia) on November 21, 2003 on basis of a small auto center which had the only lifting system. The team gathers people with common ideas, interests and goal. In spite that almost 9 years flew by, the most part of the founders is still the base of the team.

Firstly, we would say some words about our racers. Hence, since the very beginning the representatives of the team have been performing in all motor sport competitions and showed great results. The story started with «Drag Racing» when Viacheslav Boyarchyk became the winner of Ural and Siberia Cup in famous «Nicka»- VAZ 2108 with 2 litre engine and four- wheel drive.

At the end of the 2003 the team moved its possession (cars, equipment, tools, etc.) to the new spacious garages. Earlier, they occupied small and pretty old school ones.

Approximately at the same time Viacheslav Boyarchyk performed for the first time in a car body class «D1-1600» on motocross.

There was a new multistage «Drag Racing» Championship UrFO in 2004. The championship took place in «Utckus», Yekaterinburg city. The winner of the tournament was Michail Telnov driving Honda Civic ( «Eleanora» project). So, the company had the very first experience creating an automobile with the only job- to overcome 402 meters with the shorter time than ever.

In 2005 the team planned new goals. Thus, Viacheslav Boyarchyk participated in race coursing Russian Cup. Viacheslav was one of the 10 best drivers of Ural- Siberian region and competed in a Russian Cup final in Kazan, Usady city.

In 2005 summer our tem representatives Mikhail Telnov, Petr Saprykin and Sergey Nafikov took different places in UrFO Cup Drag Racing competition. Our team became Champion of 2005 in team classification. The last thing we did was a competition «Battle of the 8 strongest teams» in Nabereznye Chelny city. Besides, as guests we visited «First Absolute Drag Battle in the middle of Russia» at the same year. The Drag Battle took place in Krasnoyarsk city. Then, we promised each other to be back as participants. I think we had already chosen a car to compete; it was Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Unfortunately we still had no candidate for the tournament. A bit later we made choice: Vitalyi Zyablin, young, ambitious chap with great stamina. We started to assemble the most powerful automobile in the whole Russia and it was Vitalyi Zyablin who trusted that technicians and team will persevere their common goal regardless all the obstacles. Moreover, Vitalyi did not let their fellows to lose heart and give up. So it helped as we were the first specialists in Russia assembling such cars. Actually, Russian motor companies used to buy already manufactured cars from Japanese companies.

Lack of information, experience and irresponsibility of American and Japanese suppliers lead to «appropriate» results: the car was not ready for «Drag Battle 2007». However, we managed to assemble an automobile in Krasnoyarsk at night before race. It was manufactured from details brought from our hometown. No special results were reached, for sure, but we were a part of the largest Russian tournament. We believe it means something. Moreover, this competition was valuable experience for us and it added a strong desire to win.

In 2008 the team faced another problem: complete absence of special race tracks for such a perfect car with designed capacity approximately 1000 HP. Therefore, Vitalyi had to learn while competing. Unfortunately, our team was not able to become one of the 8 fastest ones. However, even in 2008 we could see the greatest possibilities of «Red Godzilla» project.

In 2009, they kept on preparing Vitalyi’s car for tournament. At the same time, the new project «PROtail» began. Assembling a new automobile, technicians kept in mind valuable experience obtained in «Red Godzilla». That is why, they were able to be ready in time. Moreover, on «Drag Battle» in 2009 the team presented TWO high performance cars.

Russian «drag-racing» sportsmen and fans could proudly call 2010, the year of Kiwamaru sport, as the teams’ automobiles were at the top in all competitions.

Vitalyi Zyablin was supposed to participate in a full competition season, as we needed someone to perform for Russian Cup owner title. Also, at the same time Drag Racing Russian Championship started and we had to win. I would say that professional team approach: stages planning, preparing automobile and driver allowed Vitalyi to become twice Champion in Russian Cup and win Eurasia Championship. Also, the Championship stages were used both as a trainings session and appropriate car tuning explorations.

In addition, a potentially faster automobile «PROtail» was already done. A new team decision was made, not to «cross» cars on competition stages. That is why Stanislav Lunev took part only at 2 «commercial» races. However, the results were unbelievable and incredibly: «PROtail» with its driver Stanislav Lunev set up a new Russian and CIS record, 8.38 seconds.

Almost at this moment we are trying hard to prepare our cars for the 2011 tournament season. In the course of this season, we hope to take part in international competitions. Our today goal is to burst through the earlier shortest time limit, 8 seconds. Furthermore, we will try to set up a world record for such high level cars.

That is why our cars wear a sign: «… we can overcome 8 sec …»

P.S. It is said, that the Japanese word Kiwamaru means «BEYOND THE LIMITS»…and it is still not a limit.